Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hair in the wind

Copyright by Dominique Amendola
Painting A Day: Original oil on WOOD
Size: 11"x14"
Price: $150.00
Status: Sold

My model today had flying hair....actually she did not. I figured that she looked good this way. In this daily painting, the figure is just sitting. That makes the picture static. Making the hair fly added movement. I already had a board with a yellow ocher tint to it and decided to leave it that way. This painting becomes a sketch. It is done very quickly and spontaneously. This technique has a name. It is called alla prima. i start by sketching the pose very loosely in charcoal. Then i affirmed the composition by working on the shadows in sepia tones. Then I worked on the lights and at this point only started to express colors. Step by steps i refined my figure. I put down a brush stroke and leave it there. I blend with the next brush stroke but uses no scrambling. My medium is a marvel for this because it leaves the brush stroke where it is and does not run or bleed. Voila, that's all for today.

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