Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bird watching by the creek

Copyright by Dominique Amendola

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Painting A Day: Original oil on Gallery wrap canvas with painted sides
Size: 20"x 28"
Price: $900.00
Status: Available

My daughter and I went bird watching by the creek. We saw some amazing wild turkeys and much more. But since everything to me is an endless succession of paintings, I had to come back and paint this scene. There are times when I have started a painting with an end in mind, but then, for one reason or another, as my picture unfolds, it positively suggested another direction... I always accept the risk and go for it. I'm convinced that at such times my hand is wiser than I am. In this case my ordinary landscape became a field of brush strokes harmonized with palette knife gestures. I set out to render a mood and an impression. It seemed clearly impossible to really marry my figure with the rest of the landscape and the creek colors with the background. But despite the fact that paint isn’t magic it became easy to play my colors like a musical instrument and I am happy with the result,
Dominique Amendola-California, US

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