Monday, February 14, 2011

Buying art directly from the artist

The art of buying art directly from the artist

Buying contemporary and original works of art can make your world a better place. Art can enhance you home or working environment and it can help support an artist’s career.
The best reason for buying art should simply be because you like it,  and - like buying anything else of quality – it is worth trying to buy the best you can even if it means stretching your budget slightly, or paying in instalments.
Buy works you genuinely like. Before you buy, ask yourself: “Will I regret buying it? Do I want many varied works or a few very distinctive pieces? Will it fit the space I have in mind?
Evidently it might be a good idea to research the price range of the sort of work that you like and fix your budget.
Buying directly from an artist is very different than buying from dealers. It usually means you get a better deal since you do not go through a third party and you get to ask questions directly from the artist about his or her work.

The first thing is to make sure the art is original, not a copy of somebody else’s work.The fine art marketplace is complicated and hard to understand if you don't know your way around. It's full of products that look and sound like original art, but are actually reproductions, and no more original than newspaper or magazine illustrations. Ask the artist if his or her work is original. Get informed and learn about art culture, go the museum.

In this blog you are offered original paintings on canvas or wood by the artist Dominique Amendola. All the paintings presented are originals created by the artist.

Buying Art Over the Internet is easy to do and the latest fad.
Buying art with a keyboard and mouse is the new frontier of collecting. Learn basic facts about how online art buying works, how it differs from buying art in traditional ways, and how to progress from looking at art for sale to locating art you like and considering specific pieces for possible purchase.
The more extensive the artist's online profile, the better. Yes, the artist's website is important, but equally important are third-party websites that review the artist's work, feature the artist, offer the art for sale, and so on.
A quick word about bargaining. Suppose for some reason that you still want the painting after all's said and done, but would rather pay a little less for it. Art prices are often flexible and making an offer is certainly an option, but don't bargain purely the sake of sport. Make sure that you have a good reason for wanting a better price and that you can make a case for your request. Experienced collectors do this all the time. They know that artists are much more likely to reduce prices based on good solid arguments than they are to lower prices just because buyers want better deals.

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