Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bangalore street scene, India, oil painting on canvas, impressionism by Dominique Amendola

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To see a larger picture, click on the image. This painting has been sold at the Time and space gallery.
A typical street scene in South india, with pedestrians, cars, fruits vendors, rickshaws, motocyles, bicycles, the heat, the sun. Actually everybody is so patient. Any Europeans or Americans, would easily loose their tempers a hundred times over. But here in india, there is no road rages, insults exchanges from one driver to the next, or even pedestrians to drivers. The style is impressionist, the technique is worked both with a brush or a palette knife.

Detail view

This is not a print but this is an original painting. All my paintings are oil painting on canvas or sometimes on wood. This artwork is painted with museum quality art supplies and will last several 100 years. I've sold over 200 of my original paintings online, so you can buy with confidence. I do this for a living!! Your art will be shipped to you professionally packed with protective packaging material and wrapped in cardboard, then placed in a heavy-duty box for shipping. This item will be sent via Fedex and insured. the shipping cost is included in the price.
Original oil on canvas.
Original canvas size: 24"x 36"
Price: $1500.00
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Dominique Amendola-California, US


dhiralalita said...

Very inspiring painting. so many figures! How do you do it? And i see it is a large piece...

Anonymous said...

Just one detail, normally ladies sit with the legs on the left side and not the right but then this does not take away any of the beauty from your paintings.

Dominique Amendola said...

Thanks Anonymous! I can deduct from your comment that you are from India.

Vivek.S.Bhati said...

i like ur work. very realistic and impressive.best wishes from INDIA.