Saturday, July 2, 2011

Farmers market-Selling vegetables, oil painting, impressionism, by Dominique Amendola

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There are places were the farmer's market goes on year around. The choice of vegetables is restricted but at least it is in season. In this painting i combined 2 sketches together to make an interesting scene. The woman is anxiously looking at the man's fumbling for his change. Some attractive yellow orange pumpkins on the side resonate with the man's bright yellow jacket. The purple jacket of the other man offers a contrast like a vibration in the middle of a symphony. The background is non descript with a few shadows milling around. The merchant has his back to us and is just a looming figure with no face. This is the art of creating an interesting scene out of a very ordinary setting. Everything is very colorful. The style is impressionism. 
This is not a print but this is an original painting. All my paintings are oil painting on canvas or sometimes on wood. This artwork is painted with museum quality art supplies and will last several 100 years. I've sold over 200 of my original paintings online, so you can buy with confidence. I do this for a living!! Your art will be shipped to you professionally packed with protective packaging material and wrapped in cardboard, then placed in a heavy-duty box for shipping. All items will be sent via USPS and insured.
Original oil framed.
Original canvas size: 11"x 14"
Price: $500.00
Status: Available
You can purchase this painting through PayPal by contacting the artist, with many different options, such as credit cards or even through your bank.

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