Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An art event in Karnataka, India, around my devotional art

I got invited to an art even in Mandya, Karnataka by some of my friends last Thursday ( October 21 2011). I received an Award and many officials got up to praise me, ( all in Kanada), so i could not understand what they were exactly saying. But later on i heard that they appreciated the fact that a foreigner had come to their country to remind them of their great cultural heritage by glorifying their culture through art. I got to make a speech too and then got interviewed by the Karnaka newspapers. the article appeared in 4 different newspapers. Next summer we are planning an actual art show in Mandya. 

 Here I am displaying my spiritual art portfolio and commenting on it as I go.
 Sitting among the officials, on my left, the president of the Yuvajanotsava program.

Looking at my award with the president.

The newspaper clip from the Vijay Karnataka newspaper, in Kanada.