Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Le rendez-vous de la Rani

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Original oil on linen canvas
24" x 36”

 Painted from the live model.

This piece is painted in a realistic style. It is contemporary realism. This style is experiencing a revival in the US, France, England, and perhaps other places in the world.
It is evening and the girl is getting ready for her meeting with her lover. Her jewelry box is half opened, spilling out its content for us to see. She is not wearing any jewelry yet even so her dress is heavily jeweled.  She looks like a princess or a queen; this is why I am calling her a “Rani” in the title. The title in french means: The Rani's rendez-vous. (the queen's meeting). It sounds better in french I believe.

 Detail view
This painting is showing at the Streisand art gallery in Bangalore, India or can be purchased here too.

Price: $2000.00
Status: Available
You can purchase this painting through PayPal by contacting the artist, with many different options, such as credit cards or even through your bank.

To see more art go to my site:
Dominique Amendola-California, US, French Classical realism and impressionism figures and landscapes painter


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Anonymous said...

Le Rendezvous is an amazingly gorgeous painting. I have
Lady with the Sitar & I love it. Her work brings a lot of pleasure to the viewer. She is a true artist & an amazing person. Read about her.