Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Panihati festival painting in progress by Dominique Amendola

I have been working on a new painting called the Panihati festival. In this picture, there is a reunion of many vaishnavas at the occasion of an invitation of Raghunatha Das who was inspired by Lord Nityananda. He suggested that he organize the festival and with his wealth feed thousands of vaishnavas. They gathered by the banks of the Ganges and were serve flat rice with yogurt. In this painting, Lord Caitanya is not visible to all. He appears to lord Nityananda and they playfully feed each other.
I started with an elaborate sketch. seen below:

After establishing the sketch and producing detailed sketches for each figures, I transferred the design to a large canvas.
I am in the process at this point of painting the underpainting in Verdaccio technique. Verdaccio is an Italian name for the mixture of black, white, and yellow pigments resulting in a grayish or yellowish (depending on the proportion) soft greenish brown.

Underpainting for "The Panihati Festival" 

This is one of the opening figures in the composition

Those figures are going to be Lord Nityananda and Lord Chaitanaya.
As you can see, Lord Chaitanya on the right is made luminous to create the impression that He is not coming from this plane, but rather appearing only to some. Most of the others do not see him. All they see is lord Nityanda on the left, just sitting and eating.

Opening figure on the right with a person getting water in his lota.
The colors used for the underpainting are white, ocher yellow, terre verte also called terra verde and black. lots of layers have been applied at this point, going from dark to light.

The figures in the back may not be as clear as the ones in front and have a bit less contrast.

Now, I am ready to finish the background landscape and ad colors to my figures. I will use thin paints and lots of glazes. 
For this purpose I have already created a color sketch for this painting on a small canvas.

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