Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Three youths with a dog

Copyright by Dominique Amendola
Painting A Day: Original oil on linen canvas
Size: 18"x 24"-
Framed in a beautiful plein air frame
Price: $1200.00
Status: Available

To buy this painting please contact the artist.

The previous similar picture was a small study for this painting. Often when I am about to paint an artwork with several figures on a large canvas I make preliminary studies. In this case, I might paint this even larger one day, I found the canvas size still too small and limiting. In the sketch, the composition was established. The group of young men and the dog is a compact one. They form a triangular composition and the shadows behind the man with a red jacket are bleeding on the right while the action is going on the left. The dog turning towards its masters is forming a sort of parentheses closing the left. The semi-circle of the stones bench is following the same flow while the cement on the right forms a semi-circle resonating on the right with the dog's. Long verticals in the background stabilize the picture, The colors are warm and attractive. Notes of pure red are sowed around the canvas and resonate with the red jacket. The scene is interesting even in the corners and will grow on the viewer. An everyday banal event has turned into a work of art.

Dominique Amendola-California, US


John Earnest said...

This painting is just a masterpiece! I think you outdid yourself this time Dominique.

Lynda Lehmann said...

Wonderful work! Very skilled and competent and beautiful.