Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vincent's room in Arles-The Amadeus series by Dominique Amendola

Copyright by Dominique Amendola

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A humorist version of Van Gogh's bedroom for surfers and other lovers of fun art. Please notice, the surf board, the figure on the bed reading the Surfers path, and a portrait of Che Guevara on the wall. This is painted in Van Gogh's post impressionist style. A note on the original painting by the artist Vincent Van Gogh:When the painting is viewed at about arms length, or at the distance at which the artist would have been working at his easel, one receives an overwhelming impression of realism. One must, however, look at the full-sized painting, not a smaller reproduction. An analysis of the actual forms as represented in pictorial space by van Gogh reveals strange incongruities vis-a-vis Euclidean anticipations. A tracing of the perspective lines in the painting shows that he maintained neither the fixed viewpoint nor the fixed eye-level necessary for a conventional representation of Euclidean space; even single objects have multiple convergence points. ( from Patrick Heelans article )

This is not a print. You are buying an original painting on canvas, all my paintings are canvas paintings. This art work is painted with museum quality art supplies and will last several 100 years. I've sold over 200 of my original works of art online, so you can buy with confidence. I do this for a living!! Your art will be shipped to you professionally packed with protective packaging material and wrapped in cardboard, then placed in a heavy-duty box for shipping. All items will be sent via USPS and insured.

Original oil on wood, framed with a gold frame.

Approximatively 24" x 28" with the frame

Original's size: 20"x 24"

Status: NFS

You can purchase this painting through PayPal by contacting the artist, with many different options, such as credit cards or even through your bank.


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