Monday, June 9, 2008

Ladies resting at the fair-At the market series

Copyright by Dominique Amendola

Painting A Day: Original oil on canvas
Size: 7"x5"- unframed
Price: $125.00
Status: Available

This daily painting is smaller than the other. it is the first time I paint so small except for thumbnail color sketches for larger pieces. I was able to render the full effect i wanted to obtain but it definitively revealed itself to be as much work in this size than in the 8"x10" size. This scene is created with 3 different sketches of the fair. I found those ladies typical of what was going on that day. It is a lot of fun to walk around and find interesting scenes. I am sure I'll make more paintings on the same subject. By the way, my brushes are getting smaller and smaller. That is funny for me because in any other work i use fairly large brushes. This daily art wanted very fine details, but the overall effect is however very "Alla Prima".

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