Thursday, June 25, 2015

The making of "Farmers Market", a small oil painting created in France by Dominique Amendola

Farmer's market- Selling vegetables

I was born in France and I often go visit. I love going to the market and see all the wild animation there. This painting was created in winter. Everyone is wearing a coat or a jacket. 
When I create a painting with many figures, I don't just take a photo and paint it. No. I create a painting with what I decide will work, with many sketches if necessary. 
In this case the painting is small and quick. Those small painting will take a day or two to paint. 
Now, about the quickness of creation: it make take a few days for me now, but it took me years of studies and practice to get there.
However, even for this small painting I produced a few sketches. 

There are many details which are important in this piece. The man in yellow jacket is fumbling for his change, while his companion is looking at this anxiously. 

                                         If you click on the image, you'll get a larger view.

I like to paint people subtle emotions. I do that a lot in my paintings. This is what gives life to them.

Again, in this painting, I am focusing on the foreground, the action, with my colors. The rest is painted in nondescript grays. Note also that the yellow jacket has its complementary purple/violet in the man with the purple jacket.

The vegetables play a part as well. See how the pumpkins and lettuce in a bag are painted realistically, while the lettuces and potatoes in the foreground are not paid much attention. Again it is a matter of getting the eyes to focus on what I desire.

Again this artwork is carefully composed. See the diagram below:

You could say that being trained in some of the greatest art schools in Paris, my approach is classical, even for small paintings.

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Teri said...

I like what you have been painting lately Dominique! This is a lovely colorful well-thought-out composition. Thank you!