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The making of 'The Bathers', oil on wood by Dominique Amendola

The bathers

'The Bathers' is a small painting painted on wood. However, that same painting was commissioned in a longer and larger format by an art collector from Switzerland. You can see that other version below:

If you click on the image, you'll get a larger view.

'The Bathers' is an entire painting based on colors, brush strokes and composition. The first version (the version we are discussing now) is quite impressionistic in its execution. 

The brush strokes are strong using raw colors. Those juxtaposed strokes of colors give an impression of realism, but if you analyze it, it is not very realistic. 

                                                                    Detail view 1

                                                                     Detail view 2

                                                                       Detail view 3

In my youth, I visited many exhibitions in Paris and went to the Louvre museum countless times. I have some of the famous paintings imprinted in my psyche. I really think this little painting's composition was inspired by The Raft of the Méduse by Theodore Gericault'. (I saw that masterpiece many times at the Louvre.)

                                               The Raft of the Méduse by Theodore Gericault'

The above mentioned painting is evidently painted in a very different style, but the composition contains some similarities:

Notice how many horizontal lines give a sense of calm and peace and the triangular compositions give a sense of stability.

Fortunately this artwork depicts some happy bathers, not a party of shipwrecked people on a raft. It is executed quickly and cannot compare to a classical painting. The intention here was to convey a group of friends having a great time on a hot afternoon in a contemporary impressionist style. 

To purchase the original artwork: 

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