Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Panihati festival in progress (part 2), oil painting by Dominique Amendola

This is a large canvas and I have made slow but steady progress for this painting. I just finished the first color coat on the whole canvas. I progressed with several layers of glazes using both my own medium and a commercial medium. The commercial medium is fast drying, while the other dries in several days and it allows me to put a layer of wet slow drying medium and apply colors in glazes with the other medium. This is a wet in wet technique.

Painting of the Panihati festival in progress

You can see details below in the figure holding a water pot.
I plan to bring this and other figures to finer and finer details and am going slowly with several coats of glazes. Perhaps you know that Titian told his pupils that for a painting to really vibrate you needed to apply 40 coats of glazing! Evidently, I am not planning that many glazes, but definitively 10 to 15 coats is what I have in mind.

Figure holding a water pot

After bringing the figures to a certain level of detail, I go back to painting the background landscape. 
This is what it looked like before i added more details:

Detail of the background

My technique is simple. I glaze the background with raw umber and within this wet medium, I bring out the details. The result is this:

Detail of the background after bringing out some more details

Again, once this coat has dried for a few days I will glaze in modifications to round up the shape, blur some of the details and bring out other details.
To be continued....

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