Thursday, January 31, 2013

Latest progress on "The Panihati festival" painting

Well, here we are again. I worked on the figures mainly these past weeks. I had to put a lot of hours in other projects, one being my website, but I am working on this large piece relentlessly. My main focus, this time, was to achieve a bright effulgence in the figure of Lord Chaitanya which would communicate itself to Nityananda ( in blue), while the opening figures, even so in front would be more like a dark doorway framing the two Lords.

Full tableau of the Panihati festival in progress

Notice that actually the foliage in the back is not as yellow as this, but due to the photo and the large size of the piece, it was difficult to get an accurate image for the colors. I actually did not work at all on that foliage since the last post.

Opening figures with the two Lords

From this detail of the painting, you can see what I mean and how I have made sure Lord Chaitanya is actually the main figure there.
The story goes that He was actually not present, but He came and only appeared to some. Some of the figures seem not to notice what is going on, while others do. In particular, the opening figures are not aware of the presence of Lord Chaitanya.

Detail for one of the opening figures on left.

So many glazes have been necessary to achieve this image. Layer after layer, refinement after refinement. I always work wet in wet, with my home made medium as a wet base and the fast drying medium for my painting brush. 
I have added some details also, such as banana leaf plates and strips for the dhotis.

Detail for the opening figure on right side

If you compare those two opening figures with their images on my last post you would be able to see the progress. 
Now I will concentrate on details in the background, with trees, grass, a few flowers, mangos, etc...
Once gain, this post is to be continued....

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