Thursday, July 16, 2015

The making of "the street guitarist" Oil painting by Dominique Amendola

The street guitarist

I used to take shots of people in the street and this guitarist was playing in California, trying his best to look and sound like Bob Dylan. That afternoon, he was sitting in front of a wall with his guitar case opened. I decided to make a painting of him. Again, this is a quick painting, executed in a day, spontaneous, Alla Prima. I first created a color sketch. The dominant color was going to be pale yellow akin to the sunlight; a cool morning sun, while the musician's face of a ruddy complexion shows how much time he spends outdoors.
Music is always a winning subject matter and since I had created a previous painting with musicians, this one was also going to keep in the same mood. The style is impressionistic, I gave myself three hours to finish the actual 8" x 10 "painting!

If you click on the image, you'll get a larger view.

You can see that this is executed boldly with thick paint, quickly. 

I paint from the life model once a week, and this is important to understand how to paint from a photo or from imagination. There is the understanding of the different planes and what makes a volume. And there is the understanding of the correct colors applied rapidly without much preparation. Therefore, the painting comes out more spontaneously.


I framed this painting in a very classical frame, especially suited for impressionism. At the Orsay museum in Paris, a whole floor is dedicated to the impressionists. The frames used are varied but the above type of frame is the most common. Below you can see one of Renoir's beautiful still life framed in this frame genre. 

                                                                          Renoir, Onions, 1881

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