Thursday, July 30, 2015

The making of 'Bird watching by the creek' oil painting on canvas by Dominique Amendola

Bird watching by the creek

My painting, "Bird watching by the creek" is actually a sort of excuse for painting a figure in nature. The colors and the facture are very impressionistic. The colors are cool mostly, except for the T-shirt which has a warm color, matching the hair of the subject. She is turning her back to us, and we can barely see her face leaving her features to our imagination, the same way we do not see any birds in this picture. She is watching and waiting quietly for water fowls but this is also left to the imagination.
The weather is uncertain making the light cool also.

In some of his paintings with figures standing in nature, Monet shows us the same type of tones, mostly cool ones, painted in nature:

                                                    The Promenade, Woman with a Parasol - Claude Monet

For the execution of "Bird watching by the creek", I used a palette knife. Painting with a knife is a completely different technique than painting with a brush. With a palette knife, I feel I can "dance" on the canvas and I am not able to express much details, which leaves room for more spontaneity.

If you click on the image, you'll get a larger view.

You can see the stokes in these examples being painted boldly. Shapes are evoked but not described. They look like what they represent (grass. leaves) but it is only an impression. This is what impressionism means_giving an impression. 

The term 'Impressionist' was first used as an insult in response to an exhibition of new paintings in Paris in 1874. A diverse group of painters, rejected by the art establishment, defiantly set up their own exhibition. They included MonetRenoirPissarro and Degas.

An impressionist painting is executed outdoors rather than in the studio, or done from life, not from a photo or sketches.

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