Thursday, August 20, 2015

The making of Three guys with a dog, oil painting by Dominique Amendola

Three guys with a dog

If you click on the image, you'll get a larger view.

This painting came as a result of seeing a nineteen century painting of a streetscene with a lot of life in it. It was not a famous painting, but it was large, perhaps 3 times larger than Three guys with a dog. I saw it in a museum in France, and did not get an image of it. But shortly afterwards I visited the port of La Rochelle and was inspired to paint a street scene there.
At first I created a study for this painting of 11" x 14". Here it is below:

                                                     Study for Three guys with a dog

In France, everybody is smoking in the streets and my red jacket man is holding a cigarette. But in the final painting, I made this inauspicious item disappear:

                                         Detail view of the study for Three guys with a dog

                               Detail view of the final painting for Three guys with a dog

You can see that in the final rendition, the cigarette is gone. You can also notice how there are more details in the final painting and things are more three dimensional.

In this artwork, there is life even in the background:

                                        Detail views of Three guys with a dog (background)

Having done a study for this painting, the final painting came easily. When I have a complicated composition, this is usually my routine: I paint a full color study, after creating many sketches. 

And of course the hero of the painting, the dog, is well described as seen below:

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