Sunday, June 1, 2008

My daughter is getting married!

My daughter is getting married and I won't be able to post a new painting for a few days. But I will post a few tips on being selective about buying paintings.

Art is meant to be displayed.
A painting should touch your soul, stimulate your thoughts and bring a smile to your lips. It should bring you pleasure, and even joy.
There are only 365 days to a year for buying one of my daily painting. Be selective about how you live those days. Avoid wasting them on something you dislike. It is better to follow your heart and get something which moves you.
Art enhances your environment. 
Have you ever noticed that all beautiful homes have art as an integral part of the decor? Art lends life and color to otherwise plain and ordinary walls, nooks and crannies, and mantelpieces. A well thought-out art collection will help create a unique ambience in your home and make it more attractive.
There are many paintings on this blog and you can find a link on the right for available paintings. Have a look and see if anything moves you....

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